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Cute love sms

Monday, 21 October 2013  at 17:23
The sweetest things I have ever received are hugs and a proposal from my loved one. No other gift - chains, bracelets, rings or anything else has ever been as good as these.
~ Shone Dias
Cute love sms and messages for life
Cute love sms
List of things I find cute in you - 1. Silky smooth hair 2. Lovely unblemished forehead 3. Attractive eyes 4. Beautiful smile 5. Dimples 6. Bright face 7. Sweetest heart.
~ Dean MC Clean

I could give all the money

Good night love sms

Monday, 7 October 2013  at 09:56
My eyes are drooping, but what they need is not sleep but you. My mind is tired but all it needs for refreshment is you. My heart is beating slower now, but all it needs to speed up is you. Good Night.
~ Barney Case
Good night love sms
Good night love sms
As the clouds pass by

Heart touching love sms

  at 08:14
Real true love has a beginning. It has a continuous flow of a story full of emotions, feelings and love. When the last part comes, it ends in... True love never ends, it lives forever!
~ Ian MC tribe

Our love will

Love sms for girlfriend

Monday, 30 September 2013  at 17:29
I know that I cannot count on friends because they can back stab me like they have in the past. But you are an angel who has been sent from above for me only. That is why I trust you with all my heart.
~ Donald Jarvis
Love sms for girlfriend, love sms and messages

Your love has brightened my life like the sun in the early morning. You have refreshed my mind like a cup of coffee on a happy day. You are everything that I had dreamed of and I really love you!
~ Brent Coop

Trust me when

I love u sms

Monday, 23 September 2013  at 11:46
Is it your lovely bright face which shines like the moon light in the dark or is it those eyes which shine brighter than diamonds. Maybe its your smile which lights up my life. Nah... its your heart of gold for which I truly love you!
~ Draco Denver
I love u sms
I love u sms
Making me smile is your proficiency. Taking care of me is your nature. Being kind to me and everyone else comes so naturally to you and sweetness flows from you. I don't need any more reasons. I Love You!
~ Roy Sigma

If beauty were a million dollars, having you in my life has made me a millionaire. If kindness and good nature is worth billion dollars, I am already  billionaire. I think I am the richest person ever since I fell in love with you.
~ Vincent Drake

I love u sms

Beyond the hills the sun rises and beyond the ocean lies the beautiful horizon. Beyond my family and friends lies one person who rises higher than all others and I love him/her the most!
~ Lima Karol

Her fragrance is more attractive than the red roses and she walks in perfect tandem like the trees blowing with the wind. But she is the type that will never fall for the ordinary which is why I love her.
~ Byron Bay

Never mind what your friends say...never mind what the well wishers...never mind what the world says. They all have their own theories and opinions. But no matter what people say I will always be loving you.
~ Janice Christian

A car cannot start unless somehow the key sparks the ignition on. In the same way my day does not start until your thought excites my mind and I am up like a winner.
~ Thelma Peters

The promise of love is greater than all others. It is a bond that goes beyond all other relationships to make things possible.
~ Gordon Chatham

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How to say I love you?
Many people face this problem from time to time and it does seem to be a difficult one. If you are a person who is shy or scared then it could be a tricky one to resolve. You need courage more than anything and bravery is something you need to imbibe in yourself. Make sure the time is right and the ambiance of the place is soothing. give him/her subtle hints and ensure that there is a chance of you getting a positive answer in advance. Speak to their friends and find out their opinions too. Hopefully it should be alright. I wish you all the very best.

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Love sms messages

Monday, 16 September 2013  at 10:11
There is so much love in our hearts to give. We just do not realize it. Everyday can be lived with enthusiasm and service. We can be so much more than we currently are. Don't let love go unused in your heart.
~ John Walters
Love sms messages
Love sms messages
Your eyes speak to me volumes of beauty and your hair tells me so much more about soft perfection. Your smile communicates peace and my heart is falling for everything.
~ Darren Soldier

Love is the best feeling to start with but the worst thing to end.
~ Gary Summers

No time is better than now. No day is better than the one you are living in today. No love is better than the one that you have right now. So make the most of it and give it out freely.
~ Donna Jobs

Your love brings a new happy feeling to my heart every day. I can never get tired of it and can never totally be satisfied. I need you more every single day.
~ Finch MC White

We want people to love us to care for us and to complete us. Yet we feel the empty feeling. The truth is that we don't need people to complete us but to love us completely.
~ Sarah Copper

If he cares for every single thing you do and makes an effort to be there whenever you need him, then you have a person whom you should not let go.
~ Jim Loo

Every thing you do for a person counts as an act of love. They may not appreciate it, maybe they don't realize it but that should not discourage you from being and doing good.
~ Chan Chow

The sweetness of life is sensed in the fact that everything changes for good. If your lover is with you and loves you very much, its for a good reason. If your ex lover lover left you, that's for a good reason too.
~ Tracy Winters

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How to write love sms and messages?
Writing is simple and anyone can write. Just that ideas may flow fast in some peoples minds while they are slow to catch up for others. Writing love messages just needs love in your heart and kindness. Firstly you need a background to the message. Focus on the quality of love or the person you are writing for. Put your mind onto the qualities that are really unique in that person. Then write a couple of lines on that particular quality.
You can keep expanding onto different sets of qualities of the person. That will really help in amplifying goodness. Steadily you will see that ideas flow more easily in your mind and you can write thing much more easily. Then all  you need to do is keep improving your style of writing messages. Have a great day!

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English Love sms

Monday, 9 September 2013  at 07:53
As I sit by the bonfire near this camp, I see the woods burning away. Even if such strong teak woods burn away and the fire goes off, the flame of your love will always shine brightly in my heart.
English Love sms
Don't hesitate from saying what is truly there in your heart. You may think hat I will wait for a better day but the best day that you know of is today. Don't let regrets creep into your life.

Many have sacrificed