Cute love sms

21 Oct 2013  at 17:23
The sweetest things I have ever received are hugs and a proposal from my loved one. No other gift - chains, bracelets, rings or anything else has ever been as good as these.
~ Shone Dias
Cute love sms and messages for life
Cute love sms
List of things I find cute in you - 1. Silky smooth hair 2. Lovely unblemished forehead 3. Attractive eyes 4. Beautiful smile 5. Dimples 6. Bright face 7. Sweetest heart.
~ Dean MC Clean

I could give all the money in the world to have a minute with you. You are like a wonder which never stops making me smile. I truly love you.
~ John Path

Amazing how everyday you make me feel so good. Everything you do just makes me fall a little more in love with you. You are the reason for my smile.
~ Tony Aguirre

Every love song that I listen to, I can relate to you. you make me feel as if I am a part of a movie. Its keeps getting better every single day.
~ Dean Fans

Together we can make a future that is beyond just beautiful. You have the smile and I have the style and we can do cute things together.
~ Rover Boss

Closer is a place where I want to be with you. Far is the place where I want to through away all loneliness. Nearer is where are hearts are meeting and love is the thing which I want to have forever.
~ Mira Norris

I always wished for a life where love would be the center of the universe. Then I met you and realized that you are the love I was always looking for.
~Braise Cellist

Slowly I am starting to understand that the meaning of love is deeper when we are together. It is cuter when you and I are in each others arms as husband and wife.
~ Vaugn Arab

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Good night love sms

7 Oct 2013  at 09:56
My eyes are drooping, but what they need is not sleep but you. My mind is tired but all it needs for refreshment is you. My heart is beating slower now, but all it needs to speed up is you. Good Night.
~ Barney Case
Good night love sms
Good night love sms
As the clouds pass by making the stars invisible, I want you to know that sometimes you may not see me. But I am always there for you in memory and by heart. You never have to worry. Good night.
~ Shawn Casey

Just when I closed my eyes to sleep tonight, a thought about you came to my mind. I instantly took my phone and this is what I typed to let you know that I really love you. Good Night.
~ Lola Micheal's

The night sky is lovely and the moon light is beautiful and exotic. Just like the times when you smile and brighten up my life. I love you so much. Good Night!
~ John Beguine

No matter how bad the day has been, rest your head on the pillow and let peace and serenity fill your heart and mind. Let go of the bad and invite goodness for sweet dreams. Good night.
~ Nora Jose

As I go to sleep, I think of all the good times we have spent together. I feel I am so blessed to have someone like you in my life. I look up to the stars but heart says, my life is brighter than them because I have you. GN.
~ Tina Cunningham

May the fairies guard you from dangers and may sleep fill you and refresh you. When you wake up, hope you are at your best and bring happiness to all around you.
~ Venal Gotham

When the day has ended and darkness is surrounding us, its time to leave all the tensions of work and stress of earthly things behind. Time to rest, relax so that tomorrow you can be at your best.
~ Rosy Twice

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How does sending messages at night help?
I can recollect by experience that interactions at night can help a lot. What actually happens is that whatever happens at night tends to stay with us throughout the night in our sub conscious. Of course other things that take place during the day also affect our mind. When you do something consistently over a period of time it tends to build a expectancy. So if you eat food at a particular time, you will mostly feel hungry at that time.
Sending messages at night can also bring in undivided attention since people are usually at ease and have lesser things on mind at night compared to the day.
You can bookmark this page and keep sending messages from this site. To bookmark, just press ctrl and D. Thanks and have a great day.

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Heart touching love sms

  at 08:14
Real true love has a beginning. It has a continuous flow of a story full of emotions, feelings and love. When the last part comes, it ends in... True love never ends, it lives forever!
~ Ian MC tribe

Our love will be an epic story of happiness, fun and sacrifice. At the end of it when I die and you miss me, just flip over the pages all over again and I will live again in your heart as a sweet love story.
~ Ala Johnny

When I miss you really very much all I  have to do is close my eyes and think about you. Then my heart is satisfied to know that you are mine.
~ Ronny Brest

My love will be water when your heart is thirsting for real love. When your eyes are searching for me, my presence will liven up in your memory. All you need to do is believe.
~ John Marcus

Gifts, parties and dinners will make me feel good for sometime but they all will fade away. What I really need is love, kindness and someone who will always stay faithful to me.
~ Bingo Shaw

I know of this elderly couple who fought a lot, they did not agree on things and had a lot of issues. But no matter how hard it was, they always came back in love. Love is not a fancy trip, its a commitment.
~ Andre Log

I searched near and far, long and short, here and there. I tried finding the perfect love. But no one came close to me until the most wonderful person I have ever known made an entry - YOU!
~ Mercy Agnes

Every day that we spend together is a one more day of coming together. It is another reason to fall in love and make something count. Never underestimate the power of one lovely day. Make the most of it.
~ Jill Trump

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Love sms for girlfriend

30 Sep 2013  at 17:29
I know that I cannot count on friends because they can back stab me like they have in the past. But you are an angel who has been sent from above for me only. That is why I trust you with all my heart.
~ Donald Jarvis
Love sms for girlfriend, love sms and messages

Your love has brightened my life like the sun in the early morning. You have refreshed my mind like a cup of coffee on a happy day. You are everything that I had dreamed of and I really love you!
~ Brent Coop

Trust me when I say that I truly love you because in the life without you I felt like a useless traveler without a destiny. Finding you was like finding my final destination and I never want to depart again.
~ Gin Tor-lake

Don't listen to those who discourage you and try to say negative things about you. I know in my heart that you are precious like the diamonds and if anyone has a problem with that they can come and speak to me.
~ Sarah Gotham

Life is too short to hold regrets and 'what if's'. There are so many things to be done and so many people out there craving for love. Knowing this I will never take your love for granted baby.
~ Grant Vince

Finding you was like finding gold in a mine. When I had not yet found you, I was fighting with loneliness and it felt like digging out gravel and dirt from the mine to find gold. Now that I finally have you here with me I want to keep you with me forever.
~ Aaron Earhart

The beginning of love is not like the normal cycle of morning and evening. True love begins when you are desperately searching for it in loneliness and ends when you find your soul mate in the form of true love.
~ Sean Farrow

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