Most romantic sms messages

29 Jun 2012  at 07:04

Most romantic sms messages

These are one of the most romantic sms messages that you can find. These love messages will bring romance and passion back into your love. You can use these most romantic sms messages to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend.
Most romantic sms
Most romantic sms
Most romantic sms

Girl: I Love U
Boyfriend:  I Love U Too
Girl: If you really do then Scream It To The whole World.
Boy: * Whispers In Ear*I … Love U.
Girl: I know you don’t,  why’d U Whisper It To Me?
Boy: Because U Are My World. ♥

~ Test of love

I have three corners in my heart!
1 for good deeds,
2 for family and
3 for friends,
For you there is no part,
Cause you are my heart!

~ Most romantic sms

Love is a like the blue sky,
Like the waters of the sea,
Love is pure feeling, as pure as it can be,
Love is my story, a dream come true,
For million such other reasons, I truly love you.

~ The love story message

Falling for you was easy, but missing you is hard.
I want you to be with me, wrapped in my arms,
It’s a habit to think of you, forgetting is hard.
I have locked you deep inside cause you have the keys to my HEART!

~ Lock & key sms

They say its 2 to tango, 2 to scream,
You make me feel so good, a part of my dream,
I want to send you flowers and chocolates too.
So many beautiful things, one of them is me and YOU!

~ Heart sms

Ever wondered why we close our eyes when we dream, kiss and sleep?
Cause the most beautiful things in the world are felt with closed eyes.
I closed my eyes and saw YOU!

~ Shut eyes free sms

Now it feels like I have been sleeping
for a 1000 months,
Without much idea,
any dream,
any purpose,
any voice,
Till the time that you walked into my life!

~ Most romantic sms messages

I stop my cries, when I take your name,
The sorrow in my mind is still all the same,
Though you may think that I am carefree,
Remember that there is nobody who  loves you more than me!

~ Miss you sms


  1. Wow!!!!! it's so romantic but what the prob is that, nowadays it is very hard 2 find someone romantic bcoz, people of21st cen2ry chase after and even love money much more than human.....

  2. Oh, I thank God I got one who is soo much romantic, but I agree they are very few and rae to get such person. I had such bad experience before in my life. Now my heart is really in a peace with this man. May God bless those who are dedicated for a true love!

  3. Miinàà jàZzminé hààRtz8 January 2013 at 09:51

    that's so romantic but i agree too

  4. Ine ndiye ndinamupeza wachikondi.

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  6. u r stupid. u want 2 rip people up.

  7. this writer may be a frauster, readers pls be carefull who u r sending email to. don't let who u don't know gets ur email address or other personal details.

  8. I have to disagree. I have the best boyfriend in this entire world. He has money, But ive NEVER asked for any of it. Nor' have i ever told him to buy me nothing. I love him for who he is. Not for what he has. Dont give up hope on searching for the "ONE" cause i promise God made someone special for EVERY single person on this planet.

  9. hello.....its hard to define my girl in a single word but anything I could describe about her is still less.The word ''everthing'' is only the word I could say. Her cares me like my mom,guides me my dad,helps me like my sis n loves me like a true lover. She is my life n she loves me alot and I know that...And I love you....

  10. Itssss to romantic. .....

  11. Oh!!!!!!! It is so romantic & so great warm...