Encouraging love messages

23 May 2012  at 05:44
Encourage your lover and spread the love with this Encouraging love message.

If there was a way to repay you for all your love,
I would climb the highest mountain. Swim the deepest rivers
and walk the toughest roads.
But you have loved me unconditionally and changed my life.
I am so in love with you babe!
~ Encouraging love messages

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  1. It's a real shame how text messages are the new methods in sending love messages around. I'd still say the handwritten letters of love are the genuine ones and I want those times to come back. Combined with an encouraging poetry, I bet the receiver would like to have more of it.

    1. Glad you commented and I totally agree with what you said. Hand written unique letters are no match to these text messages.
      That leads me to a new idea.

      What if I write it by hand, take a pic and publish it along with what is typed. What do you think Emily?

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