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Friday, 11 May 2012  at 01:28
Here is a heartfelt sms message from a lover that describes the feeling when you miss somebody. Feel free to send in your own hearty messages in the comments section.

Heartfelt sms message

A fire forest may be extinguished and the heat may turn cold.
But the passion for you my baby will live forever as a
flaming fire in my HEART.
I miss you honey
~ Heartfelt sms message
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Some days my heart makes me feel that I have much more to give to you.
Some days I feel you have loved me too.
But then how would life ever feel without us...together.
This heartfelt message is to let you know how much I love you!
~ The real heartfelt text message

There are times when I have made you feel bad,
there are times when my eyes water thinking of the times we had.
But where would we be if we were together?
May be you would have been in my arms forever!
~ The searching heart which felt the pain

I will never give up on our love no matter what.
You are the angel sent from above.
Your purity has changed my mind forever.
Ask me if I will leave, my answer is never.
~ The heart felt lover sms

Walk along the path of love and you will see.
Its as beautiful as life can ever be.
There was never a time I have not fallen for you.
My love is deep and it will forever be true.
~ Reality of heartfelt romantic sms

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