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Sunday, 13 May 2012  at 04:42
Check out these messages which were created especially for long distance lovers to send as sms messages.

We may not be able to stay close to each other,
I may not be able to see your sweet smile.
But my love I care for you deeply and my only wish
right now is to see your smiling face and pray for you
and tell you how much I love you.
~ Long distance love sms

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The routes we take, the paths we choose maybe hard,
but I will never give up or change the route cause for me
all this may seem difficult and hard but I am ready to go through
as long as I know that you are there with me!
~ Long distance love messages

No matter how far you go, my heart will always follow you,
you are the one I have loved, we are one now not two.
There are several places I go to but you are always on my mind,
and I have searched far and wide but there is no one else that I can find.
~ Mather Lovely

There were times when I was down and depressed,
times when I thought I would give up on life itself.
But then I keep telling myself that you will return soon.
Through the dark times and all darkness, you are my moon.
~ Long distance love

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I have seen a lot of people grumbling about the distance. Some even end up cheating but the point to remember is that if you really love somebody, no matter how close or far they are you will still continue to love them when they are far just like you would if they were near.

All the best and do comment if you have a long distance love sms or simply want to share your thoughts on the same.

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