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Love text messages

Saturday, 12 May 2012  at 08:57
Here are a few love text messages that you can send to your wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend. 

You fill my life with fragrance, like a garden of rose.
No matter what time it is, I need your loves dose.
I will follow it, wherever my heart goes,
and you'll be around my heart with a loving pose.
~ Loving Morris
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Love Text

Love Text messages

When there are dark clouds in my life,
baby you become my shining light.
I’ll stand by you every time you need me,
Just say that you will love me all my life!
~ Love text sms messages

Love is not about the cheap flings and one night stands,
It is deeper like feelings & where commitments make you land.
Some fall in love several times while some love a few.
I needed just 1 chance for my true heart to say, I love you!
~ Jenifer Heb

Love is something that not everyone finds,
But when people do, it is a feeling that binds.
This night is special because you are apart of my life.
You are not some one I would play with, could be my wife.
~ Felicia Moran

There are memories in my mind that I cannot forget,
of the times you held me and about the first time we met.
Love is never old, every day it feels so new,
Makes my life easier, all because I fell for you.
~ Lillian Jose

Knowing a person and loving them is not the easiest thing in the world. It takes time, effort and emotions. I have given everything away in your arms. All I ask is love and your heart forever.
~ Lima Casa

I need you by the morning, I need you by the moon light.
Everyday and every week, I need you to be by my side.
Love is not in receiving, but in giving and sharing.
No matter what happens, I will always be loving and caring.
~ Minotaur Volga Stony

A girl finds a guy sweet when he makes her feel special.
A guy finds a girl sweet when she shows him that she truly loves him.
What a joy if you find a perfect match, that match is called “Love”
~ Text messages love

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How can I write such a love text message?
Well it is not that difficult to write or rhyme a text message. Just read these 3 tips and you should be able to create your own in about a few minutes.

1. Special words are the key:
You should make sure to write words that will make your lover smile and feel good about themselves. There were certain words like "cool", "chill out" etc. that I remember my loved one used to use in excess. I would just use them in messages and text and find a rhyming word with it to create a beautiful poem for her.

2. Sort the length:
The length of the message is another important factor. That depends on what your lover really uses to text you and others. If he or she likes long messages make sure you include longer deeper words or else keep them one liners if she likes it short and sweet.

3. Never too late:
Why don't you try one out right here, right now. Write a message here in the comments section and we will see how it sounds. If it turns awesome, thousands of people will see it and get inspired. Spread love and you will get it back some how.

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