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Romantic sms for my dear wife

Friday, 4 May 2012  at 00:42
A romantic message that you can send to your wife. She will love and cherish this message.

Romantic sms for wife

If I sing a sweet love song,
will you listen to me all night long?
If I sing for you every night,
will you make me your soul mate and keep me all life long?
~ Romantic sms for wife
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Romantic messages for wife
You were always the type that I would like to take home with me,
Your loving kindness is for the world to see.
When i met you first I didn't need a sign,

At the very first glance i knew you would be mine!
~ Dr. Hugh Sharon

Every day in office I think about you,
when i look at our children I think a bout you,
Every word you have spoken reminds me of you.
I hope that's the way you feel too :)
~ Kumaran Bhaskar

When you came into my life, you changed it.
You are the reason for happiness, i gained it.
Without you I would not go much far in life.
That is why I am so happy to have you as my wife.
~ Harry Lloyd

The reason for quarrel is too much of passion,
The reson for forgiveness is loving compassion.
Even if we fight a lot and things get bad.
Remember that I love you like always, don't be sad.
~ Christopher Matthews

Lovingly you hold the ones you love the most.
There are times when you need a partner and a host.
There are so many reasons to be happy since we got married.
To one such day, today, lets raise the toast!
~ Romantic sms for dear wife

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