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Romantic Love letter for my sweet heart

Tuesday, 12 June 2012  at 00:47
My romantic love,

The journey so far has been romantically fulfilling. I have had a good time with you my love. All I want now is to see you just like the old days, even if it means that I have to die in your arms. There have been several trials and tribulations. But we made it through it all. It all looked like it would end sooner or later. So many difficult situations. But I am glad that I could stand the test of time and come along this journey. The best part about my life is that
you belong to me. I do not have to worry about anything else in the world. I had prayed for several days and nights, urging honestly to almighty God that he would give me someone beautiful, someone loving, caring, someone just like me.

This is not just a romantic love letter to you. this is my heart beating and communicating with yours. I was hoping to meet a princess or a beautiful girl or further still a really smart friend who would stand by me through the trials of this life. But then I saw you and what a joy it really has been. Now I know for sure that my prayers have been answered. I do not hope for some fairy tale story or some type of problem free life. But I know that as long as you stand by me I will be able to go through it all. Before you came in I was all alone, trying to find somebody. Many came and passed like wild flower. They looked as if they were about to bloom but then faded away leaving a lasting wound. But I have found love and your sweet love has healed my memories. I do not feel the pain I used to. Even if I have to get drunk by wine, unlike the previous years when i would sob and cry I can now lift up my head and laugh and i hope you know that the real reason for it all is you.

Thanks for being my companion through life. I know that with God as our center. Love is what you have shown me and love is what you will receive in return. I learn everyday from you just as you learn from me. We will make it through life laughing, smiling, kissing, hugging ever so sweet, ever so loving just like we did when we started off.

Your loving,

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