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Sunday, 2 September 2012  at 02:22
Though my alarm wakes me up in the morning,
The one I wake up for is you.
Though food fills my stomach and water quenches my thirst,
The one that fills me up is you.
And still when life is being so good to me and words I utter so few,
The only words my heart wants to convey is: I truly love you!
- Long love message
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Long love messages

Is there anything in this world that I will hide from you?
In dark times I will smile for you.
For you my heart beats and my feeling is pure.
Ask just once and I could die for you!

- Emotional love messages

Times have not been great, but together we came so far.
Through the darkest night, you have been my brightest star.
Your love has made me blind and you alone I see.
In this barren life of mine, you are the most fragrant flower!

- Message for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Every day I think of you
Cause you make my life worthwhile.
You’re gracious, loving words so true,
I think of with a sweet smile.

- Short romantic messages

You have brought me warmth and serenity, through the coldest day.
I cannot fathom life, if far from me you would stay.
Life is not a bed of roses, but you have brought me love untold.
We'll stand by each other no matter what & watch our love unfold.

- SMS for him or her

If I could write about you, the world wouldn’t be able to hold so many books.
If I could continue dreaming about you, there wouldn’t be enough sleepy nights.
If I could start to talk about you, there would not be enough words.
So all I want to say you is a simple, unpretentious, pure “I Love You”

- True love

Yeah we fight, and cry sometimes too.
Yes we disagree and it hurt a lot…its true.
But stay strong my love, you are my angel from above.
I have always and will always love and watch over you!

- Sweet love message

Words feel so inadequate to describe my heart feels.
You've overpowered my mind, just like an assassins steal.
I feel helpless some times; my words feel so few,
All I want from now to ever is to stay and love YOU!

- Long love message

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  1. I love my boyfrend because he always look after me

  2. My boyfriend is amazing

  3. my wiffee is so sweet in the world. i love her more than me.

  4. i love my boyfriend so much more than anything he is the best boyfriend i have ever had and wilol be the last as well

  5. <3 I love my boyfriend without him my heart whould be not as fun and really depressing ❤❤❤no one can love him as much as I love him I feel like I'm apart of his family and he says he loves me every nigh and everyday I love him with all my heart and if I ever lose him it's like not having enything to have in life and life not worth it without him. He completes me forever and always he will be mine❤����

  6. i love my girlfriend with all what i have and what i will be....we love each other and that is only thing that matters between us.......

  7. love her more than she think.....look after her everyday.

  8. I love my girlfriend so much,she is the best in the world...without her I am nothing and there will be no reason fo me to b alive..

  9. babe , your cute .
    i really like you ._. <3
    Something about you baby , drives me crazy {; <3 were not dating but i still call you mine (; <3
    your perfect . in everyway . ! i want you . I love your hugs & kisses and everything you do /.\ <3
    omg . i cant stop thinking of you o; <3 i always smile whrn your on my mind . and you're on my ' mind 24/7 . in my dreams . when im awake . all the time . that dream i had . omg i woke up smiling ;o <3 you make me want no other c; <3 i never met a girl like you ' makes me wanna settle down ' (; <3 if we do date . i wanna be with you along time . i'm 100% honest to you . I'm faithful . i' can't decribe this feeling . but everytime you message me i get some ' kind of rush . its crazy ' that one person can give me so much feelings . Like i was talking to my mom about you ' & she said " what would you do if she messaged you right now ' & said i dont want you in my life nomore … " i said " i would be nothing , and liget tears came out . ' thats how much you mean to me we'll i dont wanna lose you . To someone better because there's alway's someone better . even if were not together ' idc ' i would always care for you . ! i don't understand why . but i really like you ._. <3
    Its crazy . your perfect babe .
    i wanted you to know that . and im not gonna get bored with you . & i hope you don't get bored with me .

    Sent this to my gf and she walked to my house crying and to leave her

  10. I have found love when i met my hubby. He showed me a whole new side of me that i never could existed. I love my boo so much and i only look forward to the future because i long for a life with him. He completes me. I sometimes feel my heart filled with joy and happiness and without even knowing it, my face lights up with a unique smile that only him can trigger. God Bless him.

  11. Loving someone is like breathing...
    And we cant stop breathing until the day we die...
    Thats the way i love my boyfriend <3

  12. I love my girlfriend cuz she makes me samiches after happy fun time.

  13. I love my girl soooooo much.
    She's the best love I av ever hard.