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Love sms for wife

Monday, 26 November 2012  at 01:15
I need you my love; I need you by my side,
To climb high mountains and face turbulent tides,
You give me the strength to always move forward,
I’ll never be stuck with my past but always look onward.
With you by my side I dream of a life of serenity & bliss,
Let’s pledge our love for eternity and seal it with a kiss.
- Love SMS for Wife 

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Love sms for wife
Oh baby! You make me lose my mind,
I’m in love and that is the only reason I can find,
I’m engulfed in day-dreams all centered around you,

How time passes by I do not have a clue,
I know it’s crazy but it is true,
I’m head over heels in love with you.
Love message for wife

I never knew I could fall so deeply in love,
I felt it only happens in fairy-tales,
But by God’s design you were sent from above,
And now in the ocean of love I sail.
Your love is amazing it takes my breath away,
In your loving arms I forever want to stay.
- SMS for wife

When I saw you,
First time I realised that,
my dead heart also beats :)
- Submitted by Nitin

You have the charm, you have the style,
Watching you makes my living worth-while,
You are so cute and so funny,
You are as sweet as honey,
So many different qualities that describe you my sweetheart,
You are my soul-mate, from you I never want to be apart.
- Love sms for wife

I have forgotten the pains of history,
Cause you ease my mind and set me free.
When I was depressed and alone,
The way to happiness was unknown.
You came to me with your angelic light,
Thank you for making my life so bright.
- Sms wife

From a horrible haunting past I have been rescued,
You helped me forget memories, to which my mind was glued,
You have shown me love and helped me believe,
You wiped my tears each time I grieve,
I owe you my life and your happiness my ambition shall be,
Right from now up till eternity.
- Sweet sms for wife

From the whole world,
my heart beats only for you: )
- Submitted by Nitin

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Romantic love sms for wife

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