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Cute love sms for girlfriend

Monday, 28 January 2013  at 02:29
Can there be a person as sweet as you?
A person with a good heart and a sweet voice too?
I tried finding so hard but I could find none.
Coz my sweet heart, I searched a million and you are the one!
- Cute message for girlfriend
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Cute love for girlfriend

These days pass so slowly without you.
Time is passing by so slowly too.
I’ve been waiting to meet you since such a long time.
I hope I see you soon so I can make you mine.
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Cute love sms for girlfriend

Look at the birds in the sky, they fly so carefree.
They remind me of your silky hair, so bright and bouncy.
The flowers are glowing, just like your sweet face.
Now my heart is soaring and my feelings are all ablaze!
- Sreenivasan

There are many ways to love you; this poem is one of them.
These are real feelings that my heart feels every now and then
I want to give you so much more than you can imagine.
And tell you sweet things that you can always…
- Stefen
love sms, cute messages
Cute love messages
Your love has changed me in ways you will never know.
My heart will shatter into million pieces, if you decide to ever go.
Come hear my love and let me tell you sweet things.
I want to see you smile by this moon light glow.
- Precilla

Love is a four letter word said by many.
I mean it with all my heart; show me your feelings, if any.
I want to see you through when I love like I can.
You will be my lovely lady and I will be your man!
- Mayur contributed to cute love sms for girlfriend

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  1. This z 4 u my love,to me each z like valentines dy nothing I can loss by loving u,umake me crazy wit de way u love,now & 4 ever!