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Sunday, 6 January 2013  at 02:18
Warm as sunshine, cool as evening breeze.
You make all my problems and worries ease.
Your love entered in my life like like a wave.
Now I don’t want you to go, not even for a day.
- Submitted by Steve (You too can submit a message by clicking *Submit message*)

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Loving husband message
Every time you speak a word, my heart beats faster.
It’s like I’m your slave and you are my love master.
I love you so much; I don’t know what to do.
If I could live with just one person, then that would be YOU!
- Carron Manor

Your love brings excitement in my life.
I feel like smiling and being happy all the time.
Every time you pass by I adjust me hair.
And wait for the moment when you will sit in the next chair.
- John Stewarts

I can’t wait to watch a movie with you alone.
A scary movie probably where there are ghosts and ghouls.
You will hold me close, when it scares you.
Then my lovely dream of holding you close will come true.
- Stella

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Loving husband

I look into your eyes and find that there is a beautiful world.
This is a place where I can hide, a place where I belong.
Never before have had I felt this way.
I want to be with you every night and day.
- Asif

Where are you my love?
I have been searching for you in the skies above.
Come along and tell me that you are fine.
Tell me that you love me and you will always be mine.
- Poonam

Love is not always easy, its not fairytale.
Love is beautiful, but you can’t make it stale.
I need you to know that I will love you differently.
And we’ll spend our lives together lovingly.
- Rekha

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