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Monday, 18 February 2013  at 00:56
Your smile is the reason I wake up in the morning.
Your laughter is the reason I am happy all day long.
All you need to do is be mine and I will be happy for this life time!
- Kelly

Living in a big house may make me feel really good.
Living in a palace may make me feel great.
But if I have to, I will leave all that and make a happy home with YOU!
- Nagma (You too can submit a message by clicking *Submit your message* at the end of the page. Thousands of people will read the message and your name.)

A baker loves to bake cakes.
A gamer likes to play games.
While many others like different things, all I like to do is make you smile J
- Paresh

I like that you are so smart, so talented.
My heart says you are perfect. You are the best person I could ever find.
You bring me so much happiness and all I wish is to keep you by my side always!
- Jaichandra Kumar

Your love has taught me how to live.
Love is not selfish, love is to give.
When my eyes saw you, my heart was sure.
You are the one from my dreams and I need you more.
- Karan kundra

There is no warmth out here without you.
I feel no breeze in the park without you.
The flowers aren’t fragrant anymore and I can’t sense love without YOU!
- Tao

You are the reason for my smile.
The reason why I feel like getting up and living every day.
You are the person who brought beauty back in my life.
Don’t you ever leave me my love!
- Shamiza

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