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English Love sms

9 Sep 2013  at 07:53
As I sit by the bonfire near this camp, I see the woods burning away. Even if such strong teak woods burn away and the fire goes off, the flame of your love will always shine brightly in my heart.
English Love sms
Don't hesitate from saying what is truly there in your heart. You may think hat I will wait for a better day but the best day that you know of is today. Don't let regrets creep into your life.

Many have sacrificed their lives for love. Some have died saving others lives, some have died for what they put their belief in and some have died for freedom. I on the other hand have found a person I know I can die for.

Love is beautiful and who can fully describe its beauty? It is like the wind which blows from the east to the west. They all feel it but no one can really point out to it.

Never underestimate the power of little sweet actions. They may be small in your eyes but they may really change someone for good.

Some look at life as a place where you can find the happiest lifestyle. Some look at it a race for riches and wealth. But ever since I found you, you have been my happiness, my riches and my wealth. I truly love you!

I was walking on the path of love and it led me to a beautiful person like you. I was trying to win the hearts of many but I understood that all I ever needed was you.

The rains make everything look pretty and I cannot help but equal it to love. Just when the scorching summer heat like hatred makes it unbearable, the soothing breeze that comes with the rains makes everything alright.

All of these sms messages have been written by Wolston Lobo. Please help by submitting your own sms messages at the end of this page or in the comments section. Thank you very much.

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Cute SMS

26 Apr 2013  at 16:44
Though your friends may leave you and your best friend back stab you, I will still stand by you like I did the first time you said "I Love You." There is nothing that will change this feeling I have for you.
~ Sarah Jane Johnson
Cute SMS
From the moment I met you till this moment now.
I wonder how time passed, thousand times I've asked how?
I think it is your sweetness or I think its because you are cute.
I have loved you more than anything and that is the truth!
~ Lenora Lopez

Falling for you is a fall I

Cute love sms for girlfriend

28 Jan 2013  at 02:29
Can there be a person as sweet as you?
A person with a good heart and a sweet voice too?
I tried finding so hard but I could find none.
Coz my sweet heart, I searched a million and you are the one!
- Cute message for girlfriend
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Cute love for girlfriend

These days pass so slowly without you.
Time is passing by so slowly too.
I’ve been waiting to meet you since such a long time.

I love you sms for girlfriend

21 Jan 2013  at 02:26
I can meet you by a hill or see you by the rivers.
By the desert or maybe even by an icy cold shiver.
You are always the same to me, my heart feels the same for you.
I love you very much and I hope you love me too.
- I love you sms
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I love you girlfriend
 You are the sweetest person, the sweetest that I could have got.
I like you very much, by my heart has your arrow shot.
Give me a chance to prove my love for you.

Original romantic SMS messages

16 Sep 2012  at 02:07
I've waited so many years to find true love,
Something gentle & pure as a dove,
And baby when I looked into your eyes.
I just felt I’d been lifted to paradise,
I knew that you are the one from the start,
And that's why my love I give you my heart.
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Original romantic messages

As happy as a child feels to see a rainbow,
As enchanting as it is to see fire-flies glow,
As blissful as it is to play in the snow,
Is the feeling I get by the love to me you show.
Your love is captivating & you ought to know,

Romantic quotes and messages

17 Jul 2012  at 07:27
I would prefer a minute of being in love with you my love than a life time without you.

Have you ever known of a flower which has bloomed without sunshine? In the same way there cannot be a person living without love or at least dreaming of having it someday.
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Romantic quotes and messages

A loving and humble mind and being is the start of all real knowledge.

A man or a woman does not protect her heart for the one that invigorates them or spikes their mind but the one in whose company they feel cozy, loved, protected and lovingly drowsy.

Love and sweetness is also in the part wherein you give, like and love more than what is actually expected out of you.

A woman truly understands the look and the expressions of a man she loves. She has read what his tone of voice means, not just the words. She knows him in and out. She knows him cause of love.

Touch is a reason through affection why so many people are happy. Touch in love is passionate almost as if you wanted to know the person more and more until you touched their soul

All my life I searched for you. I have passed many sleepless nights thinking about you. It is as if I always knew how you would look, how you would sound but then I have not met you yet.
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Love quotes

We have to understand that in front of the vast universe, we are but little creatures. The vastness can only be grasped, understood and known with the help of love.
Love is not how you feel but how you make the person you love feel Love is less about receiving and more about giving. For it is in giving that we receive. Spread love and joy and see it come back to you multiplied in ways you have never experienced before.

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Romantic Love letter for my sweet heart

12 Jun 2012  at 00:47
My romantic love,

The journey so far has been romantically fulfilling. I have had a good time with you my love. All I want now is to see you just like the old days, even if it means that I have to die in your arms. There have been several trials and tribulations. But we made it through it all. It all looked like it would end sooner or later. So many difficult situations. But I am glad that I could stand the test of time and come along this journey. The best part about my life is that

Romantic messages

1 Jun 2012  at 07:30
Here is romantic messages or just a sweet romantic message that you could use.

You are the dream I saw last night.
Wish you were with me and
I could hold you tight.
Love is not by one, love needs two,
The only one I need is someone
sweet like you :)

Romantic messages

romantic messages
romantic messages

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This is a part of the romantic messages. Feel free to add in your own in the comments.

Sweet love messages for boyfriend

21 May 2012  at 05:08
Here is a sweet love message that you could send lovingly to your boyfriend.

A guy should not afflict pain to a girl.
A girl should try her best not to discomfort a boy.
The only way you may hurt your loved one
is by hugging them a bit too tight. :)
~ Sweet love sms for boyfriend

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Long distance love sms

13 May 2012  at 04:42
Check out these messages which were created especially for long distance lovers to send as sms messages.

We may not be able to stay close to each other,
I may not be able to see your sweet smile.
But my love I care for you deeply and my only wish
right now is to see your smiling face and pray for you
and tell you how much I love you.
~ Long distance love sms

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The routes we take, the paths we choose maybe hard,
but I will never give up or change the route cause for me
all this may seem difficult and hard but I am ready to go through
as long as I know that you are there with me!
~ Long distance love messages

No matter how far you go, my heart will always follow you,
you are the one I have loved, we are one now not two.
There are several places I go to but you are always on my mind,
and I have searched far and wide but there is no one else that I can find.
~ Mather Lovely

There were times when I was down and depressed,
times when I thought I would give up on life itself.
But then I keep telling myself that you will return soon.
Through the dark times and all darkness, you are my moon.
~ Long distance love

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I have seen a lot of people grumbling about the distance. Some even end up cheating but the point to remember is that if you really love somebody, no matter how close or far they are you will still continue to love them when they are far just like you would if they were near.

All the best and do comment if you have a long distance love sms or simply want to share your thoughts on the same.

Very romantic sms text message

7 May 2012  at 00:54
I read a very romantic sms message a few days back. I thought I should include it so that you can send it to your loved ones.

Very romantic sms

I want to walk up to your parents and ask for your hand.
If they ask me “Will you hurt my child”
I’ll answer “Never”
And if they ask “Will you keep my child happy?”
I’ll answer, “Yes, forever!”
~ Very very romantic sms

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Message for about girlfriend | romantic msg

30 Apr 2012  at 08:27
Give me a reason to love you.
But maybe I don’t need any, just thinking
about you makes my heart beat faster.
I am waiting for your warm embrace; your love
means everything to me.

~ Romantic sms for girlfriend

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Girlfriend sms

10 Apr 2012  at 04:52
Even if I had 1 wish,
I wouldn't wish for you to love me,
cause I don't want the love to come from a wish...
but straight from your heart!

~ The secret wish from girlfriend sms

girlfriend sms
Girlfriend sms

Romantic sms for girlfriend

15 Mar 2012  at 06:21
Romantic sms for girlfriend
Here is a collection of romantic sms for girlfriend that will cherished and loved by your lover for a long time. Send these romantic love messages and spread love, romance and charm all around.

Romantic sms for girlfriend

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Romantic sms for girlfriend
Right now there are 3 million people sleeping,
1 million playing
4 million working
but just one lovely person reading this sms. Good night!

~ Good Night romantic sms

If I had a chance to become a part of you,
I would choose to be a precious tear.
I would take root in your heart, born in your eyes.
Live on your cheeks and die on your lips.

~ Teary eyed romantic sms for girlfriend

To live, I need air,
For life I need a heartbeat
To have a good heart I need love,
And to feel loved, I need YOU!

~ I need you

Close your eyes and take a deep breath,
Now stop breathing for a minute.
Now open your eyes and start breathing,
I miss you as much as you missed breathing!

~ Practical love sms
This is my gift of love, 
Wrapped in romance,
Bonded by this romantic love sms
Sealed with care to keep you happy and safe all lifelong.

~ The romantic sms

I love you too much, my heart is sure
As clock ticks by, love you little more,
You loving smile, cheerful face, no one will ever take your place.

~ Irreplaceable

Man: You look exactly like my girlfriend.
Girl: Oh ok! What is her name?
Boy: I don’t have a girlfriend yet…
Moral: learn new ways to propose! :D

~ Moral message   

I was calling you but the operator said the girl you are calling is an angel and its not possible to call heaven this time

~ Romantic sms messages for girlfriend

With all the lights in the sky
and with all the love in the world,
And with innocence of a child’s smile
I wish you good night and may your dreams come true.

~ Sweet dreams

Ask if I need you & I’ll say forever,
Ask if I’ll leave you & U the answer is Never
Ask what do you cherish and my answer is YOU,
Say that you love me and I’ll say I love you too :)

  ~  Romantic sms for girlfriend
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